The Balance Between Giving and Getting

 Why Voluntourism?

Adventures rock. Honestly, who doesn’t enjoy seeking out a majestic waterfall, or discovering a delicious new food, or getting up on a surfboard for the first time? When you travel, you encounter one adventure after another. The exciting and unusual really exists, and is waiting to be discovered around infinite new corners.

This concept that travel equals adventure has a lot to do with what makes traveling so incredibly appealing to more and more young adults each year. International travel is on the steady incline. As travel-addicts, this is all very exciting to us! Of course we want to share our passion! However, it can also be terrifying. Why? If international travelling is not approached with the proper mindset, this upsurge of travellers will ultimately lead to the demise of travel.

Cultural Appreciation

Let Live Travel wants to transform the public’s view on the word “travel”. We believe that travellers need to explore with an open mind, ready to not only respect cultural differences, but embrace them. Seeing life from a new perspective and experiencing cultural differences are some of the main appeals of travel, and we will not experience it if we are walking around with blinders on and shunning change. 

Travellers should be ready to leave their own culture at home, and approach another with open arms. We travellers are the ones who choose to enter a new culture, so we should make sure we are not, consciously or subconsciously, trying to impose our culture onto them or scorn theirs. If we travel to exotic lands while pushing the Western culture, what is bound to happento the cultures that are already there? Will we be destined to blend into one international culture? In turn, we lose the magic and adventure of travel. The exciting and unusual would be gone.

Sustainable Tourism

Travellers should be ready and willing to give back to the communities they visit. It follows the basic rules of respect we all learn at a young age. When someone lends you something, you return it in the same or better condition.

Building off of this simple idea, we believe that one should never go to a country to take and take, and then leave without returning the favour. If everyone travels like this, there will be nothing left for these countries to give, or they may have to deal with  hardships as a result of our actions. We need to help maintain and develop their cities so they can continue to be gracious hosts. In order to help these countries sustain their tourism industries, we can offer our:

  • Time
  • Energy
  • Kindness
  • Money

We Find the Balance        

We’re not saying that travelling should be all about gruelling away in order to clean-up a village in a week; we’re saying it’s all about finding a balance between play-time and volunteering your time, between giving and getting. And trust us, giving your time is just as rewarding for you as it is for the community you are giving to. We gain clarity, direction and pride. And let us fill you in on a secret... many adventures are hidden in the act of giving. 

We Believe That...

The benefits of merging the words “volunteer” and “tourism” are endless. With voluntourism, it’s a win-win for everyone.  


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