The 411 - The Adventure Side

We have plenty of inspired activities and planned adventures for our tours that we know you will just love! This is your time to experience India, so we want to ensure you get the most out of it! What you choose to do with your tourism days is rather flexible, but we think you’ll still choose to follow our lead so you don’t miss out on these goodies ;)  

Here is a glimpse at what kind of fun we’re talking about...

-Wander into the desert on camel back.

-Eat a traditional Sikh meal with 60,000 others in the famous Golden Temple (Yes, made of real gold!)

-Hike the Himalayas; take in views at the top of some of the world’s most amazing mountains!

-Meditate in the Dalai Lama’s Temple (and if you’re lucky, he may just be there!).

-Give your body the best gift - an Arvada Massage.

-Experience white water rafting down the rivers of the Himalayas.

-Learn how to make jewelery from a silversmith, and take home your own creations to show-off to friends and family.

-Dip your feet into the world-renowened holy and healing river, Ganges. 

-Eat fresh mangoes, coconuts and almonds galore. And oh, did we mention fresh sugarcane juice?

-Support friendly locals by getting your hands (and feet and shoulders and...) decorated  with henna.

And holy moly, does the list go on!!



Recommended Reads, Flicks and Referrals

Still curious as to what to expect in India?  Want to get a better feel for the culture, religion or scenery?
If yes, here are some suggested resources and media collection for you to be better prepared and a touch more Indian-culture savy. 


-Siddhartha. By Herman Hesse.
-Autobiography of a Yogi. By Paramahansa Yogananda. 
-Richer by Asia. By Edmond Taylor. 
-India: A Portrait. By Patrick Fench. 
-Benares: A  World Within a World. By Richard Lannoy. 


-The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel
-BBC’s Ganges Documentary
-Darjeeling Limited
-Welcome To India, 2012. (A youtube series)

Let Live Travel’s take on “Cultural Information - India” :

Let Live Travel - India Cultural Prep PDF

Internet Resources:

-Canadian Government Travel Advice and Advisories: