JULY, 2008: The Experience.


In Southern Thailand, a group of rowdy and adventurous young adults squished into a scorching van, smiling ear to ear and tears running down their faces.  All 12 of them lived for adrenaline-pumping activities like cliff-jumping and epic beach parties, but this day the group did something completely different. And it was on this day that the group was buzzing with more energy, passion, and motivation than any other.

The rusty van pulled away from a children's shelter, where they had dedicated an entire day volunteering. They drove away feeling more alive than ever. 


AUGUST, 2008: The seed is planted.

Two 20-year-old girls returned to Canada after a month long whirl-wind adventure across Thailand. After rock climbing, full moon parties, glorious Thai dishes, and everything else that is hands-down awesome, the fondest memory for both girls was the one day of volunteer work. The memory of this day had nestled itself so deep into their hearts that it left an everlasting and inspirational mark.

These two young ladies began to eagerly seek a travel company that could offer them both worlds: the adventure and the volunteer. They had adored the adventure, but wanted to do more with their travels. They wanted to find balance between getting and giving, purpose to living it up, a chance to give back to the communities they visited. But to their dismay, no such tour existed. It was one or the other - adventure tour or volunteerism.

The seed was planted, and a great plan began to take form.



Having completed her schooling, and having spent the last four years further developing and fantasizing about her plan, the 24 year-old knew it was now or never.

After a chaotic mess of paper work & text books, a steep learning curve, intensive networking, mentoring, and an endless supply of faith, the plan was finally in action.

Let Live Travel had been formed. Travel had been re-invented, and it was time to share it with the world.