Spirit of India, 2015

I got back from my trip to India with Let Live Travel just over a month ago, and I'm already ready to go back! The combination of adventure travel and volunteering was the perfect way to get to know the culture and the people. We got to see so much in just 26 days, and we got to do it alongside amazing friends who we built and nurtured relationships with. With such a wide variety of activities, we got to see and do a combination of 'local' activities as well as 'touristy' activities. We got to really dig into the culture by experiencing big cities, small towns, and country roads. The tour itinerary is ideal. Carefully planned, it allows the perfect combination between busy days and relaxing reflection days. 

All of our accommodations were clean and safe, and LLT's travel plans made it easy to get everywhere that we needed to go. The local people were appropriately respectful of us, and being in a group, not once did I feel fearfully unsafe. Strangers often gave us directions, and even offered to walk us across the busy crosswalk-less streets when we so evidently thought that seemed like a crazy thing to do! 

The  most impactful highlight was the volunteering. The relationships that have been built between LLT and local nonprofits are entirely genuine and authentic, and grown with special care. Being a part of these meaningful connections with people who you see genuinely care about the place they live and the people around them, and who truly and indisputably value your commitment to them, is something that can change your life. 

I would highly recommend this trip to anyone. India from a traveler's view is amazing in itself, but the chance to actually spend time with locals via volunteering and feel like you make an impact: unforgettable. 

Oh, and the food - as amazing as you'd expect it to be. Even for a person who isn't that excited by (and/or can't at all handle) spicy food." 

Bev | Tour Member, 2015