Shawna Aylard: CeO and Founder | Tour Guide

Hello, my fellow travel-lover!

My name is Shawna, and I am the CEO and Founder of Let Live Travel. After over a decade long love affair with travel, I saw the need and desire from travellers to engage with cultures in a deeper and more impactful way. Being all too familiar with that feeling, I felt compelled to provide altruistic adventurers with a more accessible option for what we now term 'sustainable travel'.  

Me, summarized:
I spent 6 years bouncing back and forth between international excursions and my studies at the University of British Columbia. The end result was a degree in Psychology and Linguistics, and an exciting business plan. Immediately after completing my formal schooling, I dove into my next studies. Permanently borrowing my friends' business text books, joining seminars, seeking out mentors...this time I was leading my own studies and had a clearly defined goal: building my business, Let Live Travel. 
In the winter of 2013, I took a break to head to India to complete my Yoga Teacher Training. Ever since that point, India has become my second home and the focus of Let Live Travel. As Let Live Travel grows, so does my love for our mission, divergent cultures, and Indian food. The thought of sharing my travel adventures with others while simultaneously giving a helping hand to our global brothers and sisters sends a shiver of excitement up my spine!

I feel rejuvenated by adventuring in the great outdoors and staying active, food is usually my favorite part of the day, and I very seriously want a pet goat named Poppy.