As with any international travel, there are potential dangers and risks. Having said this, we do not believe India to be of any more safety concern than other developing countries. The key to traveling safe is to be knowledgable and prepared. 

We believe the best way to reduce these risks is group travel. In addition to safety in numbers, the staff of Let Live Travel are very familiar with the towns we visit, have a solid grasp on local culture, and have formed many great relationships with locals at each destination. These factors also help to ensure our Tour Members are safe. 

Additional words of advice for staying safe while traveling internationally: 

  • Learn about your surroundings, i.e. the customs, culture, taboos, main roads, etc., or stick with someone who is in the know (hint: our staff and our local friends).
  • Use the buddy system! Always let someone else know where you are going and when you should be back. 
  • Tune in to your gut instincts and common sense, e.g. if the road is abandoned and feels sketchy, find a different and more populated route.
  • Don’t be flashy with expensive and desirable objects.
  • Keep important items either with you at all times or safely locked up, and have photocopies of all important documents. (Suggestion: exchange extra photocopies with friends on the tour, and email yourself the copies).
  • Ensure you have had all of your necessary vaccinations before leaving your home country.
  • And most importantly - listen to the advice of your Guides!

For more safety tips, please read over the Let Live Travel’s Take on India - Cultural Prep PDF by clicking here. We also recommend visiting or