All volunteer work Let Live Travel engages in continues to be researched, analyzed, and critiqued by our International Development Specialist, CEO, and Tour Coordinators. We do not pair up with just any NGOs or Non-profits, we ensure they are the real deal. We are also cautious about finding projects that are within an average tour member’s scope of capabilities; if it’s a skill we would not claim to have or offer to others in our home country, why would we offer it to our host countries?

We aim to ensure that our charity projects are mutually beneficial, culturally appropriate, avoid fostering a dependency in the host village, and avoid creating a “them vs. us” mindset amongst the volunteers or villagers. We are not heroes, we are simply more helping hands and caring hearts. 

To feel more secure with the legitimacy of Let Live Travel as a company, know that we are a Canadian Federal Non-Profit Corporation, and our incorporation number is 836644-6. Furthermore, read through our tour reviews to hear what others have to say!