Himalayan Adventure, 2016

I woke up one morning and spontaneously booked my trip to India through Let Live Travel. As time got closer to leave, I began to question why I did what I did with very little thought behind it… I look back now and realize it was probably the best decision Ive made in a while.

Preparing for the journey was stressful and nerve racking, which quickly disappeared with the help of Let Live's Tour Director, Shawna. With her years of experience in India, she had every answer from what to bring, what to expect, and how to prepare yourself physically AND mentally! Because of her, the excitement kicked in and the seconding guessing of the decision I made was gone! 

I write this review four months after I’ve been home and I still find myself constantly reminiscing about the culture, people, food, and memories that were created. India is portrayed as a scary and dangerous country to visit as a westerner, I can assure you that it is not what it seems. The guides make sure you’re never uncomfortable with what you’re doing or where you are, safety and comfort seemed to be their top priority. All the worries I had about visiting India quickly disappeared when I arrived there and we were greeted by the tour guides at the airport. We were instantly informed on what to expect from there on in.  Requests such as having a buddy system, avoiding certain food, and to always keep an eye on your belongings were only a few of the concerns the guides had to make sure your 26 days would go as smooth as planned. Your enjoyment was their first priority. 

India has so much to offer and this tour couldn’t have done a better job at showing the countries variety. The cities you visit give you a completely unexpected environments, from chaotic New Dehli, to calm and relaxing Manali. There’s a good balance of activity, quiet time, volunteerism, and travel within Let Live's tour. Having the opportunity to give back while travelling is something everyone should take advantage of, seeing how grateful someone can be for the small deeds you do makes you want to do more. Which, I think, is the goal of this company. After going on The Himalayan Adventure, I wouldn’t trust that my expectations would be met with any other sustainable travel company. Book a spontaneous trip, it might just be the experience of a lifetime.

-Julia | Tour Member, 2016