Himalayan Adventure, 2016

To say this was the most eye opening, jaw dropping and amazing experience I have had in my life would be an understatement. With Let Live Travel I got to experience India through their 26 day Himalayan Adventure tour. Its nerve wracking and exciting all at the same time getting ready for travels to India. Shawna and Ben made the transition from Canada to India as seamless as possible. They answered any questions that I could come up with and I received a warm welcome after landing in New Delhi. The tour itinerary highlighted the best spots of northern India. Each destination was significantly different from the previous ones, each with its own special characteristics.

Accommodations were comfortable, clean and safety was a high priority. Throughout the tour, there was a great balance of personal time and volunteer activities. It was heart warming to be able to give my time to non-profit organizations all while still having the freedom to personalize my trip to what I wanted. The organizations we volunteered at were on a small scale so it really felt like we were making a difference by giving our time. Everyone asks, “why would you go to India?”, Let Live Travel will prove to you what an amazing and culturally rich country this is. For the people who ask this question, I challenge you to open your mind and book a tour, you will be surprised by what India has to offer.   

-Kenzie | Tour Member, 2016