Endless THANKS to our incredibly supportive and enthusiastic Partners and sponsors! 


The Light Factory - Hooking us up with some ridiculously sweet videos and commercials!

Local on 8th Ave -  Valuing strong community connections, this gem of a restaurant excitedly supports and hosts Let Live Travel fundraising events!

LUX Media Group - Providing beautiful photo evidence from our 2016 Tour!


Thomas and Jean Aylard- Let Live Travel's #1 cheerleaders since day 1. Thank you for believing. 

Michelle and Dan Thompson- Always finding creative and thoughtful ways to support and give to Let Live Travel! 

Andrea and Thomas Young - Supplying us with their endless professional skills, and refusing anything but the growth of Let Live Travel in return. 

Nolan Paquette - Giving to Let Live Travel right from the get-go. From helping with logo design to financial assistance, this fantastic dude has got our back.