Partner Charity, India, 2015

The Clean Himalaya Society, Rishikesh (India) has been delighted and very grateful to receive the helping hands from Let Live Travel. The concept of Sustainable Travel is very close to our hearts because we are trying to do something about the garbage problem in one of the holiest cities in India. Unfortunately the sacred beauty of the Ganga and Himalayan foothills is littered with garbage in part resulting from the waste left behind by many rafters and visiting tourists and pilgrims. 

Our NGO does daily garbage collection from approximately 500 units, including over 100 hotels and guest houses etc. The inorganic garbage we collect is sold for recycling while we are hoping in future to set up a system to compost the organic waste. However, we also have a passion to make a visible difference. This is not easy, because of the massive number of visitors, but we try through our weekly public service—picking up garbage at the Ganga bank, roadsides, village areas. This is where the contribution from Let Live Travel is invaluable as they join us in our clean ups, which—because  there is a stigma attached to handling garbage—lends a dignity to our work and energizes our workers and local volunteers. Not only can we get more garbage picked up, but it adds joy to our work and sets a wonderful example.  We cannot emphasize enough the importance of this moral support to us.

The vision of Let Live Travel that combines both adventure with service not only benefits the community but rewards the traveller in ways that can be very unexpected. When one is taken out of oneself through service a meaning in life can be  discovered that even surpasses the thrill of discovering a new land or the excitement of adventure.

- The Clean Himalaya Society | Partner Charity | Review written 2015