Beverly Pollock: Vice Chair - Board of Directors

My first travels took me to Costa Rica, Nicaragua, El Salvador, and Honduras. Now I certainly understand what people mean about that “travel bug”. I’ve since also traveled to the UK, Germany, Spain, and of course, India. 

My best travel experiences have been the ones where I really got to know the people. In Costa Rica, I had the honour of working at a children’s orphanage in a rural town for a month – this is where I learned about always being thankful for the little things, even (and especially) in times of hardship. This is also where I learned that I want to volunteer in every place that I go.

I took the amazing opportunity to travel to Northern India with Let Live Travel on the first ever tour. You should go. India is an extraordinary place in itself. But the tour with LLT allows you to see so many hidden gems and also get to meet and work with so many inspired and inspiring humans. This trip was unforgettable. 

I’m constantly torn between wanting to return to places I’ve been and wanting to see every bit of the world that I can. Until then, you can find me in Calgary, Alberta, working as a Resource Development Coordinator at the Calgary Food Bank. British Columbia is my homeland, I hold a degree in Kinesiology from UBC, and I am blessed to have extraordinary people all around me. 

Can’t wait to see what comes next and where I will go! I’m thinking…. Indonesia?