Benjamin Harris: Tour Guide

Hi guys, Iā€™m Ben. I am incredibly excited and grateful to be one of your Let Live Travel guides in India!

What brings me to Let Live is not only my passion for travel, adventure, and volunteer work, but the happiness it brings me to share knowledge and experiences about travel, with like-minded people. 

I was born and raised in Halifax, Nova Scotia and am currently living in Calgary, Alberta. I make coffee and cocktails to pay for plane tickets, toys and bills, and my weekends are spent skiing, hiking, camping, or working on my dream car, an old Land Rover that I will drive around the world one day. 

My volunteer experience abroad started at 17 when my mom brought me on a medical trip to Cambodia. I worked there cleaning surgical tools and assisting in the O.R. and pharmacy. Over the next several years I volunteered doing similar work in Ghana and St. Vincent and the Grenadines. At University I volunteered on three student-led trips to Honduras, assisting in medical and water infrastructure projects.

It thrills me to work with an organization that affords me the ability to give back to an experience I gain so much from.